Teabag Maker
Teabag Maker
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Teabag Packaging Machine

A good teabag packaging machine can package tea at an extraordinary rate. Lemon tea, herbal tea beverage, as well as organic tea can be packaged faster, but Lipton tea is the kind that is packaged fastest. That's because machines take into account whether the tea is fresh or stale. Stale tea clogs up the machine's cutters so that they don't do as good a job at shredding the leaves. When the leaves are dried too much, they also cut faster. Faster cutting means faster shredding and, hence, faster packaging is the end result. The machines also come with label attachments, labelers that affix the labels to the finished boxes.

If you want a machine that garnishes your tea as it is being packaged, an automated garnish mixer module can be added to the pre-sorter. Any kind of garnish can be used with this type of packager, including gayland garnish, grey garnish or grand garnish. The grand garnish is kind of large, so it makes stuffing those little teabags a lot more difficult. But with the modern day technology of hydraulic plunging, the tea can be stuffed right in, and done so without causing those thin white filter bags to break or burst. You don't want a leaky bag in your hot tea water, because it will leak the leaves out and then, when you drink it, you'll have tea leaves stuck in between your teeth. This looks bad, especially in front of guests that you would normally have over on the weekend.

A good, high quality teabag should be white in color, and it should have an ability to filter hot water without falling apart. If the teabag falls apart, you'll be stuck with the same problem as a leaky teabag, only worse! But if it is a white variety brand of leaves, then it won't be so noticeable on your teeth. Cultivated on tea plantations, the leaves are picked, sorted, dried, and cut to size before being packaged. If you are good at sorting tea leaves and you refuse to drink the white teabag blend, people will be less likely to judge you as an unclean mongrel who never brushes and who otherwise fails to bath or clean himself. Instead of being the toast of the party, you'll be banned to the outer jungles of the city, where you'll have to do your tea-toting on a cardboard table, instead of on an antique silver heirloom tray in the sitting room with the other herbal tea drinkers.
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